What's it all about?

Low Exposure is my photoblog from in and around Brighton, UK. It gives me a chance to share with everyone how I picture Brighton and I get the chance to display some of my photos. I'm Kerry Jackman, a freelance web developer and graphic designer. I live in Brighton with my girlfriend Lisa, originally from Somerset, I studied Architecture here in Brighton and just never left.

I enjoy photography and this site is gives me the chance to try some more artistic shots. When I'm not sat in front of the computer building websites you can usually find me riding around Brighton on my my bike.


Most of the photos that appear on this site will be shot with a Canon A620, unless otherwise noted. I love the immediacy of digital photography and it just makes sense for a website. I've found that I'm more inclined to experiment with the shots I'm taking with a digital camera. Being able to review and delete your images immediately, along with negating the cost of film processing has been a god-send.

If you feeling generous.

If you have enjoyed looking thought my photographs and you can spare the time, you could vote for my site on either VFXY Photos, Cool Photoblogs or bookmark my site at Photoblogs.org. It'll only take a second and will be much appreciated.